FMOD, the professional middleware for adaptive game audio, has been updated to version 2.03.

This release introduces powerful new features for real-time audio control. These include brand-new effects such as Multiband Dynamics and Spectral Sidechaining, a new Spectrum Analyzer, and utilities that offer higher levels of control over existing properties and signal chains. 

The new effects in FMOD share a common emphasis on the frequency domain. For instance, Multiband Dynamics enables compression and expansion of audio signals across separate frequency bands, while Spectral Sidechaining allows control of other devices based on dynamics within specific frequency ranges.

Another addition sharing this focus is the new Spectrum Analyzer, which visually displays the live frequency spectrum of the signal flow. This feature can be valuable for inspecting individual events or entire mixes.

Other significant additions include the new Seek Speed modulator, providing precise control over property changes over time, and the capability for real-time adjustment of wet, dry, and bypass settings across all audio effects. Additionally, effects with wet levels set to zero will be automatically optimized, reducing resource consumption.

The Live Update functionality is now more efficient, utilizing compressed assets, and the enhanced profiler provides feedback on how referenced and nested events impact a game's use of resources.

In summary, this update aims to equip audio implementers with tools that offer additional opportunities for fine-grained control over the sound of their projects.

If you're new to FMOD and interested in learning more, make sure to check out our tutorial on implementing adaptive game music with it.

For additional information, make sure to visit the FMOD website.

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