Curve Architect is a new, general-purpose deformation tool for the Unity game engine. Developed by Mikael Danielsson, a Level Designer and Software Engineer, this utility allows users to deform meshes and Unity terrains, providing functionality to manipulate deformations along the tool's created curves. Additionally, users can animate objects and deformations along these curves using Unity's built-in animation system.

Curve Architect has been used in the development of Touch Grind X, an upcoming extreme sports game by Illusion Labs. The tool is suitable for various purposes, including the creation of roads, forest paths, rivers, train tracks, ropes, and more.

Curve Architect - Deformation tool for Unity Game Engine

Users can deform any mesh or mesh collider and freely move, scale, rotate, or duplicate them, enabling the creation of complex structures. It also supports the deformation of multiple terrains, including 4K terrains and terrains from multiple simultaneously opened scenes.

Additionally, terrains can be easily reverted to their original state at any time, even after restarting the editor. Furthermore, the tool offers control over deformation shapes by providing effects that can be applied to control points. These effects can also influence animated deformations.

According to the author, Curve Architect achieves real-time deformation of millions of vertices thanks to its multi-threaded architecture and the use of the Burst compiler in Unity. The author has confirmed compatibility with all render pipelines (Built-in, URP, HDRP), with extensive testing conducted on URP and the Built-in Render Pipeline.

Curve Architect is now available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store. For additional information, make sure to visit its product page or the official Curve Architect website.

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