You may not yet realize the advantages adaptive music can bring to your games, as such we've decided to make some of our music packs available for free so you can try them. Yes! That's right! We're offering free adaptive music! How cool is that?! To make them even more useful to you, we've made one music pack available for free in each game category. This enables you to choose a pack that more easily fits your kind of game. These free packs feature the exact same license as our paid ones, which means royalty-free music and the most simple and permissive user license. Below you'll find links to the music packs as well as other free resources on how to implement them in your game.

Free music packs:

Urban Assault - Action - Pack S

Jungle Bustle - Arcade - Pack S

Easy Going - Casual - Pack S

Have A Nice Adventure - Fantasy - Pack S

Memorial Park - Horror - Pack S

Crime Scene - Mystery - Pack S

Shapeshifting - Sci-Fi - Pack S

The Gentleman - Fantasy - Pack M

Implementation guides:

Implementing Blips music packs in Unity

Implementing Blips music packs in Godot

How to implement Blips music packs in FMOD

Blips Music License:


You may find useful:

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