Population is a new crowd simulator for Blender that makes it easy to populate game worlds with 48 3D photo-scanned characters divided into three categories: casual, business and sport.

This add-on by Bproduction includes character animations featuring over 50 unique movements, all crafted using precise motion capture technology.

Animations can be applied to any character, and they're divided into categories like walk, run, daily life, sport, dance, communication and more. These animations were crafted with attention to detail and realism in mind.

Characters can move, discuss, sit, whether on a chair or on the ground, and perform a variety of tasks that reflect daily life with unprecedented dynamics and flexibility.

Population also offers a powerful shader with which you to add color variation to character's clothes. This feature automatically changes hair colours, t-shirts and pants.

Every character features PBR textures with resolutions up to 8K. This guarantees elevated levels of realism under any lighting circumstance. Textures include diffuse, roughness, ambient occlusion, SSS, specularity, as well as normal maps. These textures are optimized for use with both the Cycles and Eevee renderers, ensuring optimal rendering results.

The high-definition characters are equipped with a subsurface scattering map (SSS), which makes it possible to attain an exceptionally lifelike appearance, enabling the passage of light through skin.

All characters are available in High-definition and Low Poly. The HD meshes feature approximately 20.000 faces, while the Low Poly counterparts have around 4.000 faces. The Low Poly versions are designed to be lightweight, user-friendly, and simple to modify. Additionally, all characters feature smooth shading from all angles, reducing the need for post-production.

Population comes with multiple scene building modes which include single people and crowds.

With the single people mode, you can add one character at a time and have full control over it. The crowd mode allows you to populate a scene with multiple characters. This mode features multiple crowd generation methods such as cluster, grid, stadium, follow curve, and more.

Population comes in four packages: Free, Lite, Pro and Studio and is available on Blender Market.

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