Fluid Frenzy is a new fluid simulation tool being developed by a Reddit user known as FrenzyTheHedgehog. It is powered by the Unity game engine and runs entirely on the GPU. The developer intends to release it to the public on the Unity Asset store in the near future, making it an appealing option for those seeking high-performance water simulation in their Unity projects.

Fluid Frenzy - Unity3D GPU Fluid Simulation

According to the author, the simulations can interact with Unity's terrain and renderers, allowing the creation of flowing rivers. Users can interact with the simulation in various ways, such as adding or removing water, placing obstacles, making waves and setting up floating objects.

A recent demo showcases a boat with buoyancy and water physics interacting with the simulation, demonstrating the tool's potential. The boat creates waves, floats on them, and moves with their velocity, allowing players to race over, up, and down rivers.

Fluid Frenzy - Boat Demo

The fluid simulation uses a 2D Height Map and Navier-Stokes equations alongside a shadow water simulation. Notably, it demonstrates high-performance and is compatible with aging hardware. The author himself is actively developing the tool on a seven-year-old laptop equipped with a NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU and i7-7700HQ CPU.

To stay updated on the development progress and potential release date, be sure to follow the developer on Reddit and YouTube.

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