Recently launched, Weatherade is a new snow and rain system designed for Unity. Developed by Vitaly Okulov, an experienced 3D Artist and asset developer, this system enables the creation of remarkably realistic digital snow and rain.

Weatherade includes two different sets of shaders for snow and rain scenes. Additionally, it features "Cover Instance", a manager that enables users to globally customize the appearance of scene surfaces and create a coverage occlusion mask. This mask is automatically generated and prevents objects located under roofs or canopies from being exposed to snow/rain.

Weatherade: Snow and Rain System | Unity

Other key features of the system include "Interactive deformable snow", which allows any dynamic object to leave traces without requiring manual setup, such as vehicle tires and footsteps from humans or animals, for example.

Also, the GPU-powered snowfall/rain is both performant and finely tuned to create fairly dense snowfall or rain effects. The system also provides the capability to remove particles upon impact with surfaces.

Weatherade Snow and Rain System | Rain

Besides these key features, Weatherade offers additional capabilities, such as support for terrain, displacement, custom data-driven tessellation with terrain support, snow subsurface scattering, snow sparkle, painting and material conversion tools, among others.

Currently, the asset is only compatible with Unity's built-in render pipeline, however, there are plans to support URP and HDRP pipelines in the future.

Weatherade is now available on the Unity Asset Store with a launch discount of 50%.

For more information, visit the asset page on the Unity Asset Store.

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