Visual Studio Code, the popular text editor from Microsoft, has received a new update titled the April 2024 release (version 1.89). The update introduces several workflow improvements and gives developers more control over their projects.

One notable addition in this release is the local workspace extensions, which allow users to restrict extension installation and usage to a particular project. This feature offers an alternative to the existing global extensions and was designed to meet users' specific workspace requirements.

Another highlight feature is Quick Search, which has left its experimental stage. This feature enables users to quickly perform a text search across workspace files.

For those who regularly view or edit Markdown files, there's a new quality of life improvement: you can now hover over image or video paths to see a small preview, rather than opening the full Markdown preview.

Additional improvements include:

  • Switching branches now seamlessly restores open editors.
  • Middle mouse button clicks are now supported, making it easier to paste text in the terminal.
  • The use of WSL while connected to a remote machine via SSH is now possible.
  • Screen reader users can now navigate through comments, chat code blocks, and terminal commands from the Accessible View.
  • Customizing keybindings for user interface actions is now simpler: users can right-click on any action item in the workbench and select Customize Keybinding.

This release also introduces improvements related to GitHub Copilot, including AI-powered rename suggestions and the ability to exclude files from being used by Copilot.

For more information, visit the Visual Studio updates page for the April 2024 release.

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