GDevelop, the free, open-source, and easy-to-use game engine, has been updated to version 5.3. This release marks a significant departure from being a 2D-only game engine to a versatile engine also capable of creating 3D games.

While 3D game development was previously achievable through community extensions, it is now supported natively. This further increases GDevelop's appeal, making it an even more attractive choice for those seeking an intuitive game engine with a “no-code” approach for both 2D and 3D game development.

On this topic, a 3D particle system extension has also been added, enabling the generation of a wide array of visual effects. Additionally, 3D lighting is now enabled by default for scenes that include 3D objects.

The video below showcases games making use of the engine's new 3D capabilities. These games were created as part of a game jam hosted by GDevelop in celebration of the native 3D support.

The Best 3D Games - GDevelop Game Jam 2023

In addition to the introduction of 3D capabilities, this release includes several new features, including seamless integration with Steamworks.

This integration enables developers to incorporate various Steam features into their games, such as Achievements, Networking, Matchmaking, UGC (User Generated Content) Workshop, Anti-cheat/DRM and the ability to access player information.

Other additions include object folders, automatic cloud project saving, and simplified collaboration with other users, all without the need for external services (available for Start-up and Business memberships).

Furthermore, a new classroom view enables teachers with an education plan to monitor student projects in a view-only mode. GDevelop has also introduced a new variable syntax and editor support for Unicode characters, allowing for the use of emojis and other languages.

With this update, and since the previous 5.2 release, over 50 new asset packs have been added, with half of them being in 3D. Additionally, numerous other minor changes, additions, and fixes have been implemented.

For a complete list of changes and new features, visit the official GDevelop 5.3 release publication. You can also conveniently explore and experience the latest version through the user-friendly GDevelop web editor.

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