A new open-source backend optimized for the Godot game engine has been released by W4 Games, a company created by key Godot contributors.

The solution, namely W4 Cloud, is just one of the two products being developed by the company, the other being W4 Consoles — a framework for porting Godot games to consoles. Speaking of porting to consoles, you can now port Godot games to the Nintendo Switch for free.

After 2 years in development, W4 Cloud has been launched in beta, providing seamless integration of multiplayer functionality into Godot game projects.

The backend provides features such as player authentication and authorization, a public and private user lobby system, automatic matchmaking with configurable profiles, auto-scaling dedicated game servers, a customizable database for game data (user profiles, achievements, etc.), and storage support for DLCs and large files.

Just like Godot, W4 Cloud has been built with simplicity and flexibility in mind. The simplicity comes in the form of an SDK that enables developers to set up projects in a few clicks and an editor plugin that facilitates interactions with the backend.

The flexibility aspect is not only related to the ability to pair the solution with most third-party network technologies but also to the full access to the backend. This includes the addition of custom data and server-side functions, all protected with fine-grained access control.

According to W4 Games, this solution is suitable for servicing a small community or launching large-scale multiplayer games, with multi-region support by default. It is a scalable backend built upon open-source technologies such as Supabase and Agones, featuring an optimized workflow for game development.

The goal of the project is to enable developers to build multiplayer games without the need to invest in expensive server infrastructure upfront. The creators aim to facilitate the operation of multiplayer games by ensuring reliability, minimizing downtime, and providing fast resolution of technical issues. Prices for the service, however, are yet to be disclosed.

Because the creators are committed to open-source principles, the project has been released under the GNU AGPLv3 license. This allows you the option to host W4 Cloud on your own servers. However, choosing this option means you will be responsible for operating, scaling, and maintaining the servers on your own.

Sign-ups for the free and open-source W4 Cloud Beta are now open.

For additional information, make sure to visit W4 Games.

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