Terrain3D, one of the best available options for terrain creation in Godot 4 has entered the beta phase with version 0.9, further solidifying its position as an excellent choice for this task.

The plugin was initially developed for “Out of the Ashes”, a medieval-themed action-adventure game currently in development. Subsequently, the developers released it to the Godot community back in July. Since then, the plugin has maintained a relatively stable "alpha" state, offering essential features for terrain creation.

Developed in C++ as a GDExtension plugin, it is compatible with official engine builds and accessible through GDScript, C#, and other languages supported by the Godot engine.

The new 0.9 version builds upon the previous release by introducing multiple new features and improvements. Notable additions in this release include navigation baking, holes that work with collision, GIS visualization, options for a low-poly terrain look, and an auto shader featuring dual scaling, blending options, macro variation, edge noise, and more.

Using Terrain3D in Godot 4 - Part 1

This release brings improvements to the texture painting process, refines world background noise, and addresses existing issues related to filename validations in the exporter. Additionally, problems with region_map have been solved, enabling the loading of all regions of a height map.

For current Terrain3D users, this release introduces a breaking change that may require attention. The shader has undergone major refactoring, meaning any custom shader modifications will need to be redone. Additionally, the upcoming 0.9.1 version will eliminate deprecated classes from the 0.8 release. Information about the upgrade process for existing projects can be found on the project's GitHub page.

Terrain 3D beta is compatible with Godot 4.1.3 and later versions, offering binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Experimental support for Android has also been added, allowing for cross-platform exports.

For additional details and to access the latest version, visit the project's GitHub page.

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