Rizom-Lab has released RizomUV 2024, calling it the biggest upgrade since 2018. RizomUV is a comprehensive UV mapping application designed to integrate seamlessly with 3D content creation tools like Blender and Maya. It offers a fast workflow, significantly reducing the time typically spent on UV mapping in other applications.

RizomUV 2024.0

The latest update introduces a range of innovative features designed to enhance the user experience and streamline the UV mapping process. One of the standout features is the improved user interface (UI), which now supports HDPI with variable DPI on all platforms, ensuring sharp UI elements. The update also includes full UI scaling and zoom, allowing users to customize their workspace to their preference.

A new contextual menu facilitates quick changes to primitive and editing modes, as well as locking, grouping, and tagging, significantly improving workflow. Additionally, the UI has been simplified by introducing long-press buttons and adopting clearer dropdown behaviors, resulting in a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

RizomUV: User Interface Update 2024

Other significant additions include extensive trim sheet functionality and a new hotspotting feature. Users can now load and export trim layouts using various file formats such as PNG, BMP, TGA, and SVG. Trims can be locked, reshaped, transformed, and tagged, offering comprehensive control over the UV mapping process.

The hotspotting feature allows for precise matching of islands to trims based on area, aspect ratio, tags, and circular shapes. It provides real-time updates, customizable display options, and advanced preprocessing capabilities, thereby making the UV layout process more flexible and efficient.

RizomUV: Trim Sheet Tools

RizomUV 2024 also introduces new advanced transform tools for groups, stacks, and trims, along with an upgraded viewport featuring shortest path functionality for polygons and enhanced snapping options. Additionally, improvements have been made to the packing process and algorithms.

Additional features include a new panel for managing island groups, a tagging panel, enhanced normalize and unnormalize tools, expanded export options, and more.

RizomUV is available in two versions: Virtual Spaces, designed for use in games, VFX, stills, and animations; and Real Spaces, tailored for manufactured products requiring real-world coordinates.

Rizom UV offers flexible pricing options based on Pro Licensing and Indie Licensing tiers, determined by an annual turnover above or below 100.000 Euros.

The Pro license costs 34.90€/month for Virtual Spaces and 59.90€/month for Real Spaces.

The Indie license provides two options: Rent-to-Own or Perpetual. Rent-to-Own is available at 14.90€/month for Virtual Spaces and 29.90€/month for Real Spaces. The perpetual license can be purchased for 149.90€ (Virtual Spaces) and 299.90€ (Real Spaces).

To learn more about RizomUV, make sure to visit the Rizom-Lab website.

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