PureRef is a stand-alone software designed to help creatives organize a collection of images in a visual way. Users can freely place and scale images, allowing them to create mood boards or set up reference images for tasks such as painting, 3D modeling, and more.

The application features a drag-and-drop system, where images can be imported from various sources, including the host file system and web browsers. Additional features include the ability to write quick notes, toggle image desaturation, and arrange or align images.

Recently, version 2.0 of the software was released, adding multiple user-requested features. Highlights include a revamped user interface that is more coherent, comfortable, and easier to work with.

The update also introduces full support for GIFs, allowing users to play, pause, adjust speed, scrub back and forth, step through frames, and view frame numbers in a clip.

Another new feature is the ability to draw freely over images. Users can choose from three different stroke widths and common drawing tools, including an eraser and color selector. The drawing toolkit also includes options for dashed and solid lines, as well as the ability to draw straight lines using a key modifier.

In the new version a grouping feature enables users to group images and notes together, making it easier to move them as a single unit. Additionally, a hierarchy window has been added, providing an overview of all elements in the scene and allowing control over items, such as managing parent-child relationships and focusing or renaming elements.

Other additions include an improved rich text editor for notes, an "always on top" feature that synchronizes with another application by minimizing and moving together, and the option to adjust the visibility of the application's title bar for a personalized user workflow.

PureRef 2.0 offers three licensing options: Personal, Small Business, and Business. The personal license features a "pay what you want" model with fixed price points. The application is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For additional information, make sure to visit the PureRef website. 

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