GDevelop, the user-friendly "no-code" game engine, has recently been updated to version 5.4. This update introduces significant new features, one of which is the support for real-time multiplayer games.

Designed for ease of use, the new multiplayer functionality offers premade lobbies with UIs that support two to eight players. GDevelop multiplayer is built to scale from zero to thousands of concurrent users. It automatically synchronizes players and game state, including game objects, variables, visual effects, and more. Additionally, it provides out-of-the-box client-side prediction for game logic and object behaviors.

How To Make A Multiplayer Game Easily - In GDevelop

Another highlight of the update is the revamp of how variables are created and managed. The new simplified variables system helps developers achieve cleaner, more readable, and easier-to-maintain logic.

The release also introduces two new types of variables: local and extension. Local variables are ideal for temporary use in events or algorithms, while extension variables help store data within an extension without cluttering scene variables.

Other new features include the Diagnostic Report, which identifies missing variables or behaviors in event sheets to prevent hidden bugs. Projects can now be exported to iOS with one click, with automatic uploads to the App Store included.

The engine also boasts UI improvements, support for Spine animated objects, performance enhancements including faster background loading of game resources, and a version history feature for cloud projects. Additionally, player login for leaderboards has been enhanced, and more community badges have been added. Finally, a brand new curriculum and educational resources are now available as part of the education plan.

Speaking of plans, while GDevelop is free and open-source, subscribing to a plan offers additional features such as publishing on app stores, access to asset packs, dedicated support, and more, depending on the chosen plan.

With a free account, users get access to free multiplayer functionality, although it is limited to one lobby. To unlock unlimited lobbies and enable your game to support any number of players, you can subscribe to the lowest paid "Silver" plan, currently priced at 4.99€ per month.

For a complete list of improvements, bug fixes, and new assets (both free and premium) included in this update, be sure to visit the official release notes on GitHub.

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