Cyclops is a new free and open-source level builder plugin for the Godot game engine.
This plugin makes the process of building environments easy by allowing you to interactively create blocks in the editor's viewport.

A level being built in Godot using the Cyclops plugin

A level being built in Godot using the Cyclops plugin.

Below are some of the features you can expect from this level builder:

  • Create collision ready blocks
  • Select and move blocks to rearrange them
  • Cut blocks into pieces and move their individual vertices, edges and faces
  • Use the material editor to apply materials to blocks
  • Blocks automatically interact with all the Godot's features including lights and fog

Although the first version was just recently released Cyclops has already received an update. The new 1.0.1 version adds more features and improvements.

You are now able to draw staircases, cylinders and tubes. A new "merge blocks" command has also been added to the menu to merge all selected blocks into one large convex block. You can check all that's new in the video below.

It also appears that this tool will continue to evolve as there's expressed intent from the developer and a published roadmap.

Cyclops Level Builder v1.0.1

Cyclops is available for free under the open-source MIT license. You'll find the download link, installation instructions, documentation and the roadmap on the project's GitHub page.

Cyclops videos including a video tutorial are also available on the developer's YouTube channel.

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