A new worldbuilding tool for Unreal Engine 5 is being developed by Paul Martin Eliasz, a Senior Technical Artist and recognized Unreal Engine enthusiast.

The tool is built upon the Procedural Content Generation Framework (PCG), which was featured in our coverage back in March 2023 during the preview release of Unreal Engine 5.2.

For those unfamiliar, the Procedural Content Generation Framework is a toolset for creating procedural content within Unreal Engine. PCG provides artists and designers with the capability to construct fast, iterative tools and content of varying complexity, from asset utilities like buildings or biome generation to entire worlds.

This new tool builds upon the PCG framework by allowing users to effortlessly set up realistic forest landscapes and customize the generated scene's parameters, including trees, grass, rocks, rivers, roads, and more.

According to the author, it will be available sometime soon as a downloadable plug-in alongside the author's new animation course offered through CAVE Academy.

For future updates, be sure to follow the author on LinkedIn.

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